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Over 75 years of combined experience, The Gold Forecaster Newsletter gives gold investors leading gold forecasts. We use our global perspectives with fundamental and technical experience to forecast short and long-term gold prices and trends

Gold Forecaster Members gain access to our comprehensive newsletter sent out weekly. In there you will find the latest Gold market weekly review, price analysis, up-to-date forecasts and cover key events. Economic and monetary topics are covered as well, along with many other influences that have an impact on the Gold price.

The Weekly Gold Forecaster

Weekly Gold Forecast Price MatrixOur weekly Market Matrix is your quick technical review to keep you quickly updated! You will find our Gold price and Gold stock forecasts for the coming short to long-terms. Key technical support and resistance prices are also provided. Our gold market sentiment forecasts keep you updated to the quickly changing market conditions.

Gold ETFs provide Gold investors with guidance of institutional activities in the Gold market. As investment demand is one of the key drivers of the Gold bull market, we provide a weekly review of these electronically traded Gold bullion funds.

Our Global Perspective brings in news from all different area of the globe, meaning more perspective on the markets. With a better perspective, our readers are able to see more clearly what will impact the short- and long-term Gold markets.
Gold Price Technicals Forecasts
Our Technical Update up-to-date short to long-term gold price charts guide Gold Forecaster subscribers with key levels when looking for entry and exit levels. The long-term perspective helps provide context to the larger swings within a larger Gold Bull market!