The Gold Forecaster Philosophy

Here at The Gold Forecaster we focus on the gold bull market with a comprehensive fundamental and technical overview, providing our members with weekly updates on gold and global financial markets.

Subscribers can expect to see weekly newsletters giving them valuable resources to navigate the gold markets including a weekly market review, fundamental and technical forecasts for gold, gold equities, gold ETF analysis, global geopolitical influences and much more.

The Gold Forecaster service adds over 75 years of combined experience in analyzing and forecasting the gold, international financial, debt, equity, political, monetary markets and much more. Co-Publishers Julian D.W. Phillips and Peter Spina will shed light on the array of global market influences which will broaden your understanding to invest, protect and profit from the volatile precious metals markets.

The Gold Forecaster is your key professional gold newsletter service to keep updated weekly on the gold markets.

The Gold Forecaster is pleased to celebrate its 600th issue in 2017!

The Gold Forecaster Co-Authors:

Julian Phillips -- Gold ForecasterJulian Phillips’ history in the financial world goes back to 1970, after leaving the British Army having been an Officer in the Light Infantry, serving in Malaya, Mauritius, and Belfast. After a brief period in Timber Management, Julian joined the London Stock Exchange, qualifying as a member. He specialized from the beginning in currencies, gold and the Dollar Premium. At the time, the gold and currency world exploded into action after the floating of the USD and the Pound Sterling. He wrote on gold and the USD premium in the magazines, Accountancy and The International Currency Review.

Julian moved to South Africa where he was appointed Macro-economist for the Electricity Supply Commission, guiding currency decisions on the multi-billion foreign loan portfolio. He then joined Chase Manhattan, the U.K. Merchant Bank, Hill Samuel, in Johannesburg, specializing in gold and silver. He moved to Capetown where he established the Fund Management department of the Board of Executors.

Julian returned to the world of precious metals investing over two years ago, establishing Gold – Authentic Money and is now a contributing to both The Silver and Gold Forecasters.

Julian’s most recent endeavors have been in the area of capital controls and the protection of your gold from confiscation. He has recently created an entirely unique financial entity, which protects individual’s gold from confiscation, capital controls, and penalization. This entity consists of two structures, Stockbridge Management Alliance and its guardian company, The Ultimate Gold Trust, which adds another layer of protection for the individual. Find out more by clicking on the icons.

Peter Spina -- Gold ForecasterPeter Spina shares his technical and fundamental insights into the precious metals markets including the lucrative precious metal equities with a strong focus on investment opportunities in the junior and exploration gold-silver sectors.

Peter’s experience with the precious metal markets started back in the mid-1990s, which led to the creation of GoldSeek.com back in 1995. Today GoldSeek.com ranks in the top three global gold sites and its sister site, SilverSeek.com ranks as the most visited silver-related site in the world with a combined outreach of upwards of 500,000+ readers monthly.

Back at the start of the new secular precious metals bull market, Peter established the technically-focused gold-silver, mining stock and financial subscription newsletter, The Gold Seeker Report. In 2005 the service was merged into The Gold Forecaster Newsletter Service.