Gold Market Fundamentals -- The weekly Gold Forecaster includes updates on the market’s fundamentals, which includes the latest gold demand and supply market data, gold-related monetary news, industrial gold usage updates and more. Our weekly gold forecasts adjust accordingly to the most up-to-date fundamentals in the market. Gold ETFs provide gold investors with guidance of institutional activities in the gold market. Since investment demand is one of the key drivers of the gold bull market, we provide a weekly review of these electronically-traded gold bullion funds. US Dollar is the most widely used currency in use and has a very strong correlation to the value of gold. Every week we follow the US Dollar’s latest developments, global capital flows and other key currencies that all have influence on the price of gold. We keep a strong global perspective.  

Price Drivers
Gold is defined by a vibrant international market with strong inter-market relationships. Each week we explore all monetary, economic, political and financial news related to the gold price with a global perspective.

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